New: two escaperooms in our hotelbuilding, a unique concept in het Waasland!

Imagine yourself in the old "Motel Beveren" atmosphere and discover our different rooms, each with their own story. Do you want to escape from a mysterious hotel room? Or rather solve the riddles in the office of our director? Our piccolo takes care of a surprising welcome! Our escaperooms are accessible for groups of 2 to 6/8 people.

Our escaperooms

Room 666

Our Picollo guards the reception desk while you solve the mystery in this room. This atypical hotel room is full of secrets. The hotel guest has disappeared without a trace... Do you dare to accept the challenge?

The office

Discover the secret of the Van der Valk family. Decipher various codes and solve the puzzle as a team! Many surprises happen in the director's office... Moreover, "The Office" offers sufficient escape challenge for young & old! Ideal as an outing with family, colleagues or friends.

Prices & reservations

2 persons : € 90
3 persons : € 100
4 persons : € 110
5 persons : € 120
6 persons : € 130
7 persons : € 140
8 persons : € 150

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