Think green - be green

Green Key is a well-known international brand for sustainable businesses in the leisure and leisure industry.

This label allows you to see that the participants are committed to minimizing the pressure of our company on nature and the environment. As a result, Green Key companies go just one step further than the usual laws and regulations require.

You can read the CSR statement here.

Green Key Holders Accept Ecocheques!

From now on, ecocheques can also be used to pay services in Green Key companies. So: you can come to sleep, enjoy wellness and enjoy our culinary delights and pay with your ecocheques!

You want to relax and enjoy in a lovely spot by the water, in the city or in the green. The Green Key accommodations offer you that without unnecessary environmental damage. Quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Consciously enjoy it. Whether it's a bed and breakfast, a day at the zoo or longer stay at a campsite or in a hotel.