wash, iron and dry

Laundry lounge

Are you staying at Hotel Beveren for a longer period? Then you can visit our laundry, ironing and drying lounge to wash, iron and/or dry your clothes! While you wait, you can take a seat in our lounge and enjoy a drink or small snack from our shop.

In our Laundry Lounge there is a washing and drying machine, iron, microwave and even a TV. 

Prices laundry Lounge:
Washing machine 4 euro
Dryer 0.50 euro
Bag of detergent/ fabric softener 3 euros
(Only payable in coins of 1 or 0.50 euros)

Dry cleaning service:
Would you rather have your clothes washed? That is also possible!
Ask for your laundry bag at our reception and deliver it to our reception before 6 a.m. and you will have it back by 6 p.m..
If after 6 a.m. you will have everything back the next day.