Have you booked an overnight stay at Hotel Beveren and want to get around to or from the train station, Beveren, or Sint-Niklaas? Grab the shared bikes from Donkey Republic! 

The shared bikes are a convenient and flexible way to get around. Renting the bikes is ideal for a short time as you can per 30 minutes or an hour. Additionally, you can choose between a normal bike and an E-bike. 

Where are the bikes located?

Some pick-up locations in the neighborhood are Beveren Station, Beveren Markt, Sint-Niklaas Station, Sint-Niklaas SVK, and Haasdonk. There is also a rack in front of the hotel with orange bikes, which you can easily take with you. 

How it works?

Download the Donkey Republic app on your phone. Connect the bike lock through Bluetooth to unlock and lock the bike at the end of the ride. When you reach your destination, return the E-bike to the designated locations found in the app, or back to the rack in front of the hotel. Stop the rental in the app. The cost is calculated at the end of the ride, the longer you bike, the cheaper the ride.

Download the app and see where you can bike to!