Toast to a festive occasion together!

Celebrate a special moment with family & friends and raise a glass to it together in one of our restaurants or venues! Below is a brief overview of our formulas. If you would like more information, you can always make an appointment with our event planner at!


Choose a formula that suits your needs. You can opt for an appetizer formula whereby cava and fruit juice are served à volonté, or you can opt for a luxury version whereby you and your guests can enjoy sparkling champagne. These delicious drinks are accompanied by snacks that have been put together with the utmost care.

On request, we can also offer house wines, draft beers and soft drinks. Our reception formulas can always be combined with our home-made snacks.

Reception 1 hour        from € 12.50 p.p.  (minimum of 3 appetizers to choose)
Reception 2 hours      from € 20.50 p.p.  (minimum of 5 appetizers to choose)
Reception 3 hours      from € 26.50 p.p.  (minimum of 5 appetizers to choose)
Champagne appetizer                              price per bottle
Appetizer kids (up to 12 years -incl. appetizer)   € 10,00 p.p.

Drinks formulas

When you enjoy our catering, we also offer various drink formulas. This applies to both the menu and the evening party. Below is a summary of our most popular drinks formulas. Of course, this can also be adapted to your own wishes. All further information can be found in our party brochure!

Drinks packages with menu from € 20,50 p.p.
Children's drinks package as from € 12 p.p.
Drinks packages during the evening party from € 22 p.p. (3 hours)

Our event planner Heidi will gladly help you!