Ghost Town of Doel

In about a 25-minute drive, you can be at the 'Ghost Town of Doel'. Some 1,300 people used to live in Doel. Now only a few people live there. In the 1960s it was announced that the port would expand, this meant that the village of Doel had to disappear. With the arrival of the nuclear power plant, many people also left Doel voluntarily. Yet there were many residents who wanted to continue living in the village and fight for its preservation. Doel will and had to stay! In the end, the expansion of the port did not go ahead. Still, many houses are now dilapidated and empty.

Tips for visiting Doel

  • There is free parking close to De Molen: parking Scheldemolenstraat
  • It is advisable to visit Doel during the week
  • On weekdays after 18h and before 6h you need to sign in with a Belgian ID, on weekends you always need to sign in
  • You can enter by bike, on foot or by moped without having to sign in
  • Respect the residents, entering a late band is dangerous and punishable!