Waasland harbor

The Waasland harbor has played an important role in the port of Antwerp for 50 years. Hundreds of companies are settling in the entire port area. Each part can be visited separately with a guide.

Such as the largest lock in the world since 2016, the Kieldrechtsluis. Along with the Kallosluis, it forms the entrance to the harbor docks on the left bank of the Scheldt. You can visit these two locks and the lock building for free.

You can also look around in a real port company. Take a look at the busy business park of Katoen Natie and behind the scenes in a warehouse, and discover everything about the global logistics chain.

You can also visit the Havenland. You get a look behind the scenes, but you can also spot birds or ships. There are also several cycling routes to do there.

Got thirsty yet? You can go for a drink in the PolderMas. Enjoy a snack and a drink while listening to the centuries-long history of the Scheldt.

In the Waasland harbor there are not only companies, but also art:

Castle Singelberg
Container Cathedral
Bakon in the Steentijdstraat
Photo exhibition ITC Rubis
British Monument WWII, a tribute to the British liberators along the Scheldt

Would you like to pay a visit? View the details here.