Meeting packages

Energy BOOST

After noon, people usually get a slight dip. Do you want to prevent this and would you like to offer your participants something healthy? Then this is the right package for you!

Coffee break:

• Coffee and tea
• Soda
• Fruit juices
• Fresh fruit
• Refreshments: upon reception small pastries
• Early break: mini donut
• Afternoon break: Eclair & cake

Boost Drinks:

Healthy drinks served in a seperate room

• In the morning: delicious smoothies
• In the afternoon: fresh Bu-Yo © ice tea with fruit spies


We spoil you with a healthy sandwich and freshly prepared sushi.

It's proven that having meetings in the morning is more effective. Also, your people are more productive. Bu-Yo excercices 

Het is bewezen dat meetings in de ochtend efficiënter zijn en de mensen meer productief.
Bu-Yo oefeningen zijn eenvoudige oefeningen die de namiddagdip tegen gaan en zorgen voor een nieuwe boost, zodat u terug op een efficiënte manier kan vergaderen.
Op deze manier kan u in hotel Beveren zowel 's ochtends als 's namiddags productief vergaderen

It has been proven that meetings are more efficient in the morning and that people are more productive at that time of the day. Bu-Yo exercises are simple exercises that counteract the afternoon dip and provide a new boost so you can go back and have a meeting in an efficient way. This way you can meet productively at the hotel in Beveren, both in the morning as in the afternoon. 

Bu-Yo is given in the hall, before noon.  

Price per person, incl. VAT: 
8 hours: €45