Sint-Niklaas is the dynamic capital in the heart of the Waasland between Ghent and Antwerp, with the Grote Markt as its bustling core. The city is strong on education, has a large shopping area, museums and plenty of monuments. Sint-Niklaas is also a cultural meeting point and a city of events. Its sub-municipalities offer great cycling and hiking trips. Sint-Niklaas has something to offer for everyone.

Some attractions in Sint-Niklaas:

Street Art 

Sint-Niklaas has a rich array of street art. You will find no less than 40 street art works in the city. Curious where? Take a look at this map. 

City Hall

The neo-Gothic town hall from the year 1878 remains to this day the eye-catcher of Belgium's largest market square. Today, this town hall still functions as such. From the wedding hall you have a beautiful view of the Grote Markt.

Station Street

This Valhalla for shopaholics has a lot going for it. The shopping street is car-free and has plenty of good addresses. The redevelopment of the street as a pedestrian area in 2012-2013 gave it new shape, with dancing fountains, tasty spots and hip (pop-up) shops.

All info on the city can be found here  

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