We are open

Van der Valk Hotel Beveren is open for both hotel and non-hotel guests. Of course, we apply adapted measures in these times. We would like to ask you to take into account the more stringent measures in order to guarantee your health and that of our employees.

Below you can find the most recent information about our facilities, the way of working and we also answer the most frequently asked questions.
Thank you and hope to see you soon!

Information about our facilities

Restaurant Nest

The hospitality industry has been given a ‘go’ by the National Security Council to reopen its doors. From 8 June you are more than welcome in our restaurant again. Both our terrace, our Nest and the room USA will be used as a restaurant. Our chef and team are really looking forward to spoil you again! Below you will find some important information so you have an idea how we serve you.

  • Lunch & diner 7/7 possible
  • Reservation required via https://restaurantnest.be/reserveer/restaurant/
  • We ask you to wait at 1.5 meters away from each other until our host shows you your table
  • Maximum one group of 10 persons per table
  • The menu can only be viewed online or by an explanation of one of our employees
  • Our kitchen and restaurant employees wear a mouth mask from a hygienic point of view

OZZO Sushi & Oriental

Hotel guests

Are you staying in one of our 140 rooms? From 8 June you can have breakfast again in our restaurant at the rate of € 17.50. Through an information sheet, you can make your choice to your taste and you will receive a plateau full of delicacies which you can enjoy in the restaurant.

Reservations can still be made on the day of arrival, of course the general health & safety rules apply here as well.

Non-hotel guests

The typical Hotel Beveren breakfast, but slightly different. Come and enjoy our daily selection between 6.30 am and 10.30 am for only € 24 p.p. We serve all the delicious food at the table and there is also one possibility to order extra dishes. Below we explain our working method:

  • Reservation required via https://restaurantnest.be/reserveer/ontbijt/
  • We ask you to wait 1.5 meters away from each other until our host shows you a table.
  • Maximum one company of 10 persons per table
  • Our kitchen and restaurant staff are wearing a mouth mask for hygienic reasons.

Hotel Beveren Brunch

Due to the current measures, our Live Cooking formula looks slightly different. All dishes are served at the table, there really is something for everyone! Unfortunately our children's entertainment can't take place yet, but our team will make sure that you can have a fun afternoon with your "bubble".

  • Every Sunday from 1.00pm to 4.00 pm
  • Reservation required via https://www.ticketshotelbeveren.be/evenementen/
  • We ask you to wait 1.5 meters away from each other until our host shows you a table.
  • Maximum one company of 10 persons per table
  • Our kitchen and restaurant staff are wearing a mouth mask for hygienic reasons.

Takeaway & Delivery

Even though the hospitality industry is open, you can still enjoy Hotel Beveren at home. Both our OZZO sushi & Asian dishes are available, as well as our popular breakfast & brunch boxes can still be ordered for at home.


Conferences and meetings are allowed again from 8 June. At Hotel Beveren we have 14 meeting rooms of different surfaces, making social distancing easy to apply. In addition, we have also been creative with our catering packages. Below we already list a few measures and our way of working. Our Salesteam is ready! Would you like to receive non-binding info? Contact us via sales@hotelbeveren.be

  • All events are limited in capacity:

200 persons indoors (400 persons from 1 August 2020);
400 persons outside (800 persons from 1 August 2020)

  • For events of more than 200 people or on the public road it suffices to apply the rules mentioned in the sector protocol: Evaluate the event via the Covid Event Risk Model, when the CERM must be used (CERM protocol: https://www.covideventriskmodel.be/protocol).
  • For events for up to 200 people not on public roads and for which no protocol applies, the eight minimum rules must be respected. As a reminder, these eight minimum rules are:

- The company or association shall inform customers and workers in good time of the preventive measures in force and shall provide appropriate training to workers;

- A distance of 1.5 metres between each person is guaranteed;

- Masks and other personal protective equipment are always strongly recommended and are used if the rules of social distancing cannot be respected due to the nature of the activity performed;

- The activity must be organised in such a way as to avoid gatherings;

- The company or association provides the staff and customers with the equipment they need for hand hygiene;

- The company or association takes the appropriate hygiene measures to regularly disinfect the workplace and the equipment used;

- The company or association shall ensure good ventilation of the workshop;

- A contact person is appointed and made public so that customers and staff can report a possible contamination with the coronavirus COVID-19 in order to facilitate contact tracing. Events may not take place between 1 am and 6 am.

  • One-off events An online application (Covid Event Risk Model) has been made available (www.covideventriskmodel.be), which serves as a reference for local authorities when granting permits for these events. It is the organiser's task to fill in all the data in the application and deliver the results (in the form of a certificate) to the municipal authorities. A positive result of the CERM only gives an indication and is therefore not an automatic authorisation. The municipal authority includes the results in the multidisciplinary risk analysis before taking the admission decision.

On public roads:

  • CERM is mandatory
  • CERM Protocol applicable
  • Permission mayor is required.

Not on public roads:

Events up to 200 people:

  • CERM recommended
  • Eight minimum rules apply.

Events larger than 200 persons:

  • CERM is mandatory* CERM Protocol applies
  • Permission of mayor is necessary

Events & Parties

The rules in force differ depending on whether it concerns a private seated reception or banquet or a sitting reception or banquet open to the public.

A private reception or banquet is considered to be: there is no free access, it is by invitation and is focused on the family, friends or professional groups. Examples are wedding receptions, baby showers, coffee tables or company parties for staff members. Banquets or receptions organised by an association for their members are also regarded as private receptions or banquets.

  • The rules applying to private receptions and banquets :
  • The event is catered by a professional catering company;
  • For a maximum of 50 people until 31July 2020 (maximum 100 people from 1 August 2020);
  • It cannot take place between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

With respect to the protocol or the following rules applying to the hotel and catering industry :

  • the tables are placed in such a way that a distance of at least 1.5 metres between the tables is guaranteed, unless the tables are separated by a plexiglass wall or an equivalent alternative with a minimum height of 1.8 metres;
  • a maximum of 15 people per table is allowed;
  • only seats at the table are allowed;
  • the wearing of a mouth mask by the staff is mandatory in the room (if this is not possible for medical reasons, a face shield may be worn);
  • Wearing a mouth mask by the staff is mandatory in the kitchen (if this is not possible for medical reasons, a face shield can be worn) with the exception of functions for which a distance of 1.5 meters can be respected;
  • no service is allowed at the bar, with the exception of sole proprietorships for which a distance of 1.5 meters can be respected;
  • terraces and public areas are organised in conformity with the regulations set by the municipal authorities and in respect of the same rules as those that apply indoors.


Dancing is not allowed at any event. At a wedding party only the opening dance of the newly married couple is allowed.


This is allowed at a reception or banquet with a private character because the guests are not obligated to stay at the table. The maximum number of guests (including the host) is 50 (100 from 1 August 2020). However, the buffet must be organised by a professional caterer and the protocol that applies to the catering sector must be respected. For example, this protocol provides for the guests to be served by staff and every service is delivered in individual disposable plates.

Escape Hotel Beveren

Also our escape rooms are available again! Do you dare to accept the challenge?

Boost Body & Mind Wellness

Need to relax? Then we have good news! As of July 1st our wellness will be open again. You can enter our fitness, swimming pool and wellness with a limited number of people. You can also book massages & treatments with us again. Of course according to the necessary measures of our National Security Council More details soon!

Thirsty Toucan Summerbar 

Summer bar Thirsty Toucan is back! Thanks to the proposed measures, we have to put it in a different jacket for a while. Unfortunately, this will not happen in the Park of Cortewalle, but on the grass square at Hotel Beveren. We provide a lot of fringe activities and the ice creams of Foubert provide refreshment. Besides surprising drinks, our food menu is also filled with lots of delicacies. We also organize picnics, afterworks, a BBQ, pokébowl nights and our Moon @ The Movies open air cinema! But what's really nice is the arrival of our new four-legged friends: we have two alpacas on our lawn! Come and enjoy the sunshine in our cozy setting from June 26th till August 30th.

Health & Safety

In our hotel, the health, safety and well-being of our guests and staff is a top priority. In order to ensure your health and safety, we would like to ask you to respect the following policy during your visit to our hotel:

  • Follow indicated walking directions and hygienic measures
  • Keep 1.5 meters away from other guests and employees
  • Do not shake hands with guests or staff
  • Wash your hands regularly and as instructed by the guidelines
  • Use paper towels to dry your hands
  • Cough and sneeze in your elbow and turn away from other guests and staff.
  • It is preferred to pay with pin or contactless
  • Do you have a cold, such as nasal colds, sneezing, sore throat, light cough or elevation to 38 degrees Celsius? Then we ask you to stay at home and not to come to the hotel.

We do everything we can to make your visit as safe and as familiar as possible. Thank you for your trust in Van der Valk and we hope to welcome you at our hotel soon. If you have any questions, please have a look at our list of frequently asked questions or feel free to contact our reception on 03 775 86 23 or info@hotelbeveren.be.

With a warm greeting,

Tim Van der Valk & Pauline Peeters