Walking in the Waasland region

Vijdland walking route 7 km

This beautiful walk leads you along the most beautiful heritage gems in Beveren. During the walk you can use the Vijdland Erfgoedapp to follow in the footsteps of Joos Vijd (ca. 1360 - 1439). He was the patron of the world famous Lamb of God but above all a born and bred Beveren citizen. This tour takes you along breathtaking castles and gardens, the bustling world port and endless polders. In short, an experience for both young and old. For the cycling enthusiasts there is also a route of 35 km.

Start route: Grote Markt, Beveren

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City walk Sint-Niklaas 5 km

With the city walk in Sint-Niklaas you are well off for a day out in this self-willed city. During the walk you will discover many art deco treasures and castles. The route also includes a visit to the Grote Markt, which is just about the largest in the country! This is the place to be for nice shops and many places to eat and drink! In this city, there has also been a dilemma for some years now about where to buy the best scoop of ice cream. Enjoy the 2 best cremeries Foubert and François during the route and judge for yourself!

Start route: Stationsstraat, Sint-Niklaas

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