Online events have made their appearance and can ensure that long-lasting relationships with customers are maintained. For this reason, organising hybrid events is the perfect solution for your next meeting or event.

What is a hybrid event exactly?

An event that has both offline and online participants and visitors is a hybrid event. Do you organise a conference and provide a live stream of a speaker there? And is there simultaneous interaction between the participants at home and at the physical event? Then we speak of a hybrid event. You can turn any kind of event into a hybrid event: think of conferences, seminars, customer events, training courses, kick-off meetings, trade shows, product presentations, road shows and dealer days. Many compare hybrid events with watching television, but there is a big difference; your online guests participate interactively by, for example, chatting live, taking part in a quiz or participating in a joint brainstorm.

Van der valk Hotel Beveren has all the facilities to make your hybrid event a success. In this white paper, we explain more details about the advantages, the icebreakers and the usability of this type of event. 

Which package fits my event?

With our 14 multifunctional rooms, there are various hybrid solutions for both large and small groups. Each event is tailor-made. Below, we have highlighted three of our packages. You can find the complete offer here.

  • 1 Van der Valk Hotel, 1 room/boardroom, viewers online
  • Streaming with account Teams of Zoom
  • Number of guests on location: max. 25 persons
  • Guests online: depending on platform (100-250)
  • Conference format: broadcasting
  • Interaction at room level with chat function
  • Fixed camera position
  • 1 Van der Valk Hotel, multiple cameras, online/offline interaction
  • Two-way streaming
  • Number of guests on location: in consultation
  • Guests online: 500+
  • Conference format: Interactive with live Q&A
  • Interaction possible with video calls
  • Multiple cameras
  • Viewing rooms possible
  • Incl. AV partner and direction