Van der Valk Online Studio Beveren is the ideal location for your next online event. In cooperation with our partner Studio Artfex we have transformed two meeting rooms into fully furnished studios, each with their own character and possibilities.

We offer the solution for any company looking for a location for their online event, streaming, recording or webinar. Our team is here for you! Our studios are centrally located between Antwerp and Ghent. Moreover, you can also park for free in one of our 220 parking spaces and during your visit you can also enjoy our other B2B facilities such as our meeting rooms, hotel rooms and catering formulas. Valk Online Studio Beveren provides unique event experience in the transition year 2021. Become an expert in online meetings & events and download our whitepaper full of useful tips & tricks!




  • Cosy & stylish interior
  • Detailed lighting in the windows for day or evening dining
  • Audio & video equipment
  • Display screens
  • Studio lighting

Extra service

  • Technical assistance 
  • Direction
  • Break-out spaces
  • Personal branding both online and offline
  • Surprising catering formulas


  • 2 hours: €1950 excl. BTW
  • 4 hours: €2925 excl. BTW
  • 8 hours: €3875 excl. BTW
  • Professional studio light with variable colour temperature for front, side and back light.
  • 3HD / 4K Panasonic pan / tilt / zoom cameras on adjustable poles with variable position.
  • 4 Shire wireless microphones (headset / handheld / lav)
  • 2 UHD 55 “LED video screens for presentations or variable content.
  • Direct link between the two studios for simultaneous live streams and / or recordings. This is a great advantage to link both studios in a dynamic way or to use them completely independently of each other.
  • Own streaming platform “Van der Valk Online”, where you can set up and stream online events safely and tailormade with the option of own branding.
  • Online event environment with registration and reporting tool.
  • Use of payment function for commercial purposes.
  • Live integration for callers, zoom or team participations.
  • Tailormade SVO titles, logo’s and live content integration.
  • Q&A, chat and voting functions.
  • 2 hours: €1950 excl. BTW
  • 4 hours: €2925 excl. BTW
  • 8 hours: €3875 excl. BTW

*These prices do not include technical assistance and catering formulas

  • Break-out spaces
  • Personal branding both online and offline
  • Extra audiovisual material
  • Surprising catering formulas

Would you also like to offer your participants a lunch or snack during the event? We will also work out this option for you! With our extensive range of food boxes, we deliver the goodies to your employees or customers. Below is a selection from the range:

1 Breakfast box - € 22 p.p.

  • Assortment of sandwiches
  • Croissant
  • Coffee biscuit
  • Sweets
  • American pancake
  • Assortment of charcuterie
  • Jam, Nutella & honey
  • Fresh fruit juice
  • Fresh fruit salad
  • Yogurt
  • Scrambled eggs with friend bacon
  • Cheese board
  • Smoked salmon

2 Sushibox - € 24,50

  • Chicken yakitori (4 pieces)
  • Dim sum selection (4 pieces)
  • Chefs choice sushi maki and nigiri mix

3 Aperobox - € 32,50

  • Tapas dish : olives, manchego, chorizo, parma ham, feta, naanbread, tomato & humus tapenade.
  • Cocktails: 1x Ipanema swizzle (exotic rum cocktail with passion fruit) & 1x Lazy Red Cheeks (BelRoy’s Vodka, raspberry, violet & lime).


One call does it all 

Do you have question about our studio or other hybrid options? You can already view our most frequently asked questions below, perhaps there is the answer to your question. Furthermore our professional colleagues advise you from A to Z for a successful online event. You can contact us by phone on 037758623 or email us at – Thank you and see you soon!

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We recently received JCI Flanders as a guest in our studios. Via our hybrid options, they were able to present the award for east Flemish your entrepreneur of 2021 live for which they could register online and interested parties could follow everything digitally. Curious how it went?  Here is a small impression!


What preparation do I have to do as an organizer to organize an online event?

As with the offline program, you also want to roll out of the red carpet for your participants during the online program. You will have to make an impact to ensure that the participants keep watching for an average of 3 hours. This means that all details must be correct. The lights, the sound, the presentations, the decoration and furnishing of the rooms. Creating an online program requires a slightly different approach than an offline program. You can always hire a director from us who puts the event together from A to Z and makes a custom script.

How do I best invite my guests to an online event?

You can use our own streaming platform “Van der Valk Online”. Via this platform you have the opportunity to create a personal digital event environment and thus invite you participants. Make the topic extremely important and make the online participants feel that they are getting more than enough care and attention. Only then will they keep their agendas free.

Can an online payment be made per streaming session?

“Van der Valk Online” had integrated this service into its platform. You can easily pay online during the registration of your participants.

I want to organize a meeting as well as stream or record it, is that possible?

Definitely! Everything is possible thanks to the assistance of our professional employees.

Is it possible to organize a professional video call?

The studios both include integrations for callers, zoom or team participations.

What about any breaks during an online event?

For the online program, participants are ready for a break after 30 minutes. You can use this break for example, to interview speakers or you van program a giveaway. This can also often be seen on television programs.

Can I also organize a workshop online?

Do you often organize events that include workshops? This is also possible in hybrid form. With the right software, an online participant can participate during a workshop or brainstorm, together with the participants present on the spot. Here is it important that the communication rules are clear in advance and that one offline participant is responsible for directing the online and offline part of the event.

Can you also network during hybrid events?

A question that is often asked, the answer is “yes”. You also need to the right audiovisual support for this, our partner Studio Artfex had everything in house. But above all, a good speaker or host remains important, someone who understands how encounters are created: offline, online, but also when both are involved.