Waasland cycling routes

Beveren has 8 districts which each have their own pearls of scenery, monuments, .... Cycle along the many bulbous fields, ancient castles and the newest hotspots of the Waasland.  Be sure to discover the many regional products that the various villages have to offer.

As an added bonus, some of these routes will also take you to Antwerp, where you will have a wonderful view over the Scheldt and can enjoy some fantastic restaurants!

Kapellekesroute 63 km

Beveren is known as a municipality with a large number of chapels, there are more than 50 to be found! Each with its own unique appearance. Many can be found south of the expressway, so you cross Beveren, Melsele, Haasdonk, Vrasene & Kallo!

Start route: Grote Markt Beveren

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Sint-Annekesroute 33 km

Would you rather enjoy the beautiful panorama of Antwerp and the Scheldt? Then this route is really something for you! It leads you past Cortewalle Castle and the south of Melsele to the Galgenweel at "Linkeroever". Here you will find some nice bars to have a short break. Or you can take a rest on the beach of Sint-Anneke. Enjoy the beautiful view on the bank of the Scheldt and cycle along the Zwijndrecht polders and the north of Melsele back to Beveren.

Start route: Grote Markt Beveren

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Strawberry route 25 km

Who says Melsele, thinks of the fantastic strawberries! A ride along the beautiful quiet roads and fields that this wonderful village has to offer. Fancy some freshly picked strawberries? Stop at one of the stalls in season. They proudly sell their 'airbezen'.

Start route: Chapel of Gaverland, Melsele

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Harbour and nature cycle route 32 km

Looking for a nice cycle route that shows you some nature and harbour pearls? Then this 32 km long tour is really something for you! This route departs from Beveren along the kilometres of the Scheldt to the artistic village of Doel. Take a little break here and discover the nice little restaurant at the Scheldemolen. After a short visit to Doel, head into the polders of Kieldrecht and Prosperpolder and enjoy the beautiful green areas that the Waasland has to offer!

Start of route: information desk of the Hedwige-Prosper project, Beveren

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Cycle route along Waaslandhaven 47 km

This cycle route is port country at its best! Cycle along some beautiful views of the docks, where you can literally see the world economy sailing by. For the enthusiasts, this route also has something special in store for you: it will take you to the largest lock in the world! Moreover, you will also cycle through the mysterious and artistic Doel! A visit to this village will stay with you forever! You can finish off by having a drink in the cafeteria at Fort Liefkenshoek, which is also the start and finish of this route.

Start route: Fort Liefkenshoek, Kallo

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Prosperpolder route, 55 km

With this cycle route you mainly drive past natural water and forests in polder landscapes. Every place you pass has its own history and is definitely worth seeking out. You will also encounter art along the way where you can stand still for a moment. You explore areas from Doel to Sint-Gillis-Waas.

Start route: Spoorwegpad, 9170 Sint-Gillis-Waas
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Saeftinghe route, 49 km

In a large part of this route you will get to know the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe (Verdonken Land van Saeftinghe). It is one of the largest salt marshes in the Netherlands and unique in Europe. You will therefore drive a large part in the Netherlands. Saeftinghe is special because of its vastness and its nature, but also because it gives a picture of the Zeeland primeval landscape: a land of mudflats, flats and salt marshes intersected with channels. You will also pass one of the largest locks in the world, the Kieldrecht lock. You can adjust the route on the spot so that you can explore the Waaslandshaven.

Start route: Bankwegelhof, Beveren

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